The Sacred Art of Soul Making: Second Edition

The Sacred Art Of Soul Making
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Our whole family has been involved in this process for months now. My book is about building a shared community. You advise readers to: Spend more intentional time with your family.

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Meet your neighbors. Learn about the other people in your congregation. We ultimately need to be aware of the whole planet, but we can start with becoming aware of the people who live with us on our street, in our neighborhood, in our town.

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Maybe the people on your street are all like you—but maybe not. It takes a great deal of courage to go out and meet the people living nearby.

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I also talk to readers about practicing hospitality in your family. And I encourage people to learn about each other in congregations, as well. In many congregations, these days, there is a real hesitancy to invite other congregants over to your home for dinner. I want to encourage people to start thinking and talking about why that isolation is so common today. What is it inside of us that makes it hard for us to open our homes?

In fact, as we move more toward digital interaction with the world, the ability to start a good conversation with another person really takes some practice. One thing that sold me on the value of your book was the practical pages you provide in the heart of the book about the practice of conversation. You provide several good discussion starters—classic questions that good conversationalists often use.

Tell us about that. It is the space of encounter in which we are deeply attentive to each other.

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In this space, we foster our curiosity about each other and express that curiosity in the form of an invitation to know each other better. We really want to get to know people, so how do we move from passive comments on the weather—to finding out about the other person. You can ask: What do you do for fun? Just ask: What are your hobbies?

If you risk this kind of conversation—if you risk learning about the people around you in this way, then we all will feel more connected and less isolated. Click this image by Nanette Sawyer to see the whole array of Grace Commons Stations of the Cross, plus explanations of the artwork. DAVID: You recommend many ways to interact with people—conversation is just one of the essential steps. You took the centuries-old format of Stations of the Cross and you invited lots of people to help you create contemporary stations.

Here is the link to Stations of the Cross : Pray with Grace Commons , built around immigration themes. Just look at your Grace Commons Stations of the Cross.

by Joseph Naft

As Kent has said of the world in its worldiness, as represented hv the royal court: 7 Freedom lies hence and banishment is here ; and now the world, which itself is banishment, has banished Lear, which means that he is virtually set free from die numerous worldly ties with which his soul was trussed. Conversely, the 'vices of Egypt amount to a breaking down of the barriers of human limitations. It is very likely, to say the least, that she is suspicious of the drink that Claudius has prepared for her son, and that she drinks from it herself to test it. Watson and Ritchie that many of the incarcerated who believe they have no value or future can find in the healing light of Christ through the Forty Weeks Letters from Prison a new hope to believe that they have a Sacred Story that Christ can make possible even in prison. Cyprian, On the Unity of the Cathotic Church , 7; cf. To whatever extent may seem desirable, the hymns are to be restored to their original form, and whatever smacks of mythology or ill accords with Christian piety is to be removed or changed.

To create this big installation, you produced some of this art yourself. The members of your congregation and community produced some. And then—you created a hospitable place where other artists and other congregations also created artworks. Finally, you brought them all together.

Book: The Sacred Art of Soul Making

We intentionally did a lot of work with the arts in ministry because we wanted people to tap into different ways of engaging in spiritual life. We did an arts workshop on what we called Mapping Forgiveness. We started a project called Art Space in which people would actually do art in what we consider a worship time. One project was to make an all-original stations of the cross, so we tried that in There were some artists in the community who agreed to create one or two stations.

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Then, we created other stations as collaborative art projects involving a lot of people. If you look at the art we produced in that second stations project, you will see a lot of collages among the pieces. With collages, everyone can tear paper and paste it. I hope you feel affirmed in seeing that you are precious and loved by God.

I hope that you are encouraged not only to accept that love deeper in your own life—but that you also want to share love with the people you encounter each day—and then with our larger planet. The Rev.

Writing—The Sacred Art

First, it addresses people looking for ways to bring Eastern spiritual practices of meditation and presence into relationship with Western religious sensibilities. For example, large numbers of Westerners have found spiritual succor in Buddhist practice, but now realize they also yearn for a personal relationship with the Divine, for the practice of prayer, and openness to conscience. Others find themselves in the reverse situation, with their Western religious experience missing certain essential elements found in Eastern practices like meditation. The Sacred Art of Soul Making speaks to both groups, showing how the inner work of meditation and presence naturally blends with the search for God.

Second, the author presents the hierarchy of inner energies, demonstrates their deep spiritual significance experientially, and teaches methods for transforming energies.

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Through the completeness of this scale of energies and their related practices, The Sacred Art of Soul Making shows readers how their spiritual work can gradually deepen, even beyond the level of the conscious energy. This matters because a widely-held conceit in the New Age spirituality of our time claims that consciousness itself is the Ultimate, which is not even nearly true.

Yes, the Body of Christ, the Church. Have I pulled a fast one on you? Here we were only a minute ago talking about being spiritual, which sounds like such an individual thing, freed from association with that leprous bride of Christ who married so unfortunately beneath himself, and here we are talking about the Church.

Bodies are meant to be vivified by spirit. Your body is that way.

And the Body of Christ, the Church, is that way. Yet in the popular mind a person does not need community in order to be complete or fulfilled or whole. But we Christians have a different point of view. It is even possible for a person to lead a solitary life as a hermit and be Christian, so long as one is connected in some major ways to the community.

Some of our forefathers and foremothers in the faith, like St.

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"The Sacred Art of Soul Making" offers an authentic and substantive spirituality for our time, one that leads the reader toward understanding the structure of the. The Sacred Art of Soul Making offers an authentic and substantive spirituality for Second, the author presents the hierarchy of inner energies, demonstrates.

Seraphim of Sarov, St. Seraphim of Sarov Feeding the Bear and Julian of Norwich, have been sterling examples of Spirit-filled lives while living as solitaries. But they lived solitary lives so that by their prayer and counsel they could contribute to the Body of Christ, not to get away from irritating people. But at the end of the day to be authentically spiritual is to be thoroughly alive, and to be filled with the Spirit is likewise to be totally alive. And to be both is to be unmistakably full of life and power.

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That is why we are here today. If you are charged and ready, great. Lend your spirit to the whole body of the faithful, which in turn empowers you. If you are dispirited and doubtful, come to the table and be fed by and with the one whose life is full of Spirit. And if you are quaking in your boots with fear of what faces you tomorrow or the next day, sip the wine of wholeness which is a spirit that will quicken you once more. Now set the teeth, and stretch the nostril wide,. Hold hard the breath and bend up every spirit.