The Columbia History of the Vietnam War

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They showed no interest in us. Those who had been supportive of the administration and the police were completely demoralized. ProQuest Ebook Central. For everyone else, subsequent parts will be released each week. These demands became the rallying point of the whole strike.

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The Columbia history of the Vietnam War

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The Vietnam War Reexamined

Title Author Advanced Search. It will be in the same feed as the regular Working Class History podcast. For everyone else, subsequent parts will be released each week. Pictured above are the two mutineers: Alvin Glatkowski, left, and Clyde McKay, right, superimposed on the ship. We speak to Al about his experiences, in addition to Vietnam war-era sailor and historian Roberto Loiederman.

POINTS OF DEPARTURE: The Global Origins of the Vietnam War

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To find out more about different aspects of the Vietnam war check out the other WCH podcast episodes in our Vietnam war series: E The Vietnam war with Noam Chomsky and a member of the Vietnamese Women's Union is about the geopolitics of the conflict and human cost, especially on women, E The GI anti-war movement, E8: The strike wave is about the wave of strikes which took place in the US during the war MERCH We've produced a range of merchandise commemorating the anti-war movement by service people during the Vietnam war using some of their original artwork to help fund our work.

Check it out here: shop. Ten years ago, about 50 former students who had occupied Hamilton Hall joined with other strike veterans for a 40th reunion at Columbia. Alford J. Dempsey Jr. Women were similarly written out of the history of the protests. Nancy Biberman, another S.

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  • The Columbia history of the Vietnam War, edited, with an introduction, by David L. Anderson.
  • POINTS OF DEPARTURE: – A Conference on the Global Origins of the Vietnam War.
  • The Columbia history of the Vietnam War?

They provided leadership at crucial actions, in the occupied buildings and in the overall strike committee. The events at Columbia became a symbol and a model of student rebellion for the next two years.

The Columbia Guide to the Vietnam War - David L. Anderson - Google книги

As for myself, after a rocky few years pursuing the fantasy of anti-imperialist and socialist revolution, I settled into a lifetime of teaching and organizing. Most of us have spent our lives in professions committed to the common good such as health care, the law, education, social work and labor and community organizing.

I do not regret what we did that spring; I hope that young people today can draw inspiration as they design protests around gun control, mass incarceration, racist policing and climate change. Log In.