Psychic or Psychotic?

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In this article I am going to show you how to turn on your success magnet, magnify your intuition, and discover that being successful is a lot easier than you might imagine. Success is a subject that has fascinated generations and fascinates me, too.

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I want to know why some people have more success than others. Because if they can do it so too can we. During my research I talk to many people about success. Whilst there is some truth in this statement it is far from being the whole truth. Because the truth is that many people work very hard and have very little success to show for it.

So what are the successful people doing differently? Quite simply successful people spend more time thinking in their unconscious mind than in their conscious mind. The unconscious mind is the source of intuition and when we learn to trust our intuition the magic will flow. That is when we get successful. It cannot be a coincidence that highly successful people have more developed intuitive communication skills than others, and that this may account for the success they experience.

It could be as simple as being in the right place at the right time, landing that golden job or contract, having a breakthrough idea, or even scoring a hole in one when playing golf. These fortunate people are able to shift the odds in their favour. As a species we developed these powers as part of the evolutionary process, but most of us have lost these powers rapidly since we learned how to speak.

All this need not be as bleak as it might sound. We should remember that humans prior to the development of speech, around 50, years ago, were able to work and survive in small communities perfectly well because they had advanced non-verbal skills and knew things without knowing how. Sadly, our reliance on verbal communication works against us as we can only receive a fragment of the information that the other person is trying to convey.

So our view of the world is to some extent deluded. As a result, we are all mildly psychotic, sharing a distorted view of reality.

Making up symptoms: psychic indeterminacy and the construction of psychotic phenomena

Even worse our attention spans have shortened over time and this loss has accelerated hugely in recent years, partly because of our obsession with social media. In short, we can make our own success in life, and we do this by developing the psychoic mind set.

I suggest that this mind set is the sweet spot of peak performance that makes people successful. It hides somewhere between the extremes of the psychic and psychotic states of mind, probably in our reptile brain. A mild degree of psychosis is beneficial because it allows us to be mentally creative. When this is combined with our innate psychic skills the result is more intuition. The problem is that most of us live in our conscious mind, but unfortunately this represents only the smallest part of the brain.

To be successful we have to free ourselves from the dominance of the conscious mind.

Sometimes these terms are confused but the subtle difference is worth exploring.

Thus, although speculative, between-group differences in reported rates of psychotic experiences and associated distress may be partly attributable to differences in exposure to environmental risk rather than differences in cultural background. I know that once the mind strecthes to new experiences specially which feeds dopamine which are addictive, we tend to go back and find cheap thrills. The Brief Psychiatric Rating Scale. Educational level may play a role, as supernatural beliefs about disease causation are less commonly endorsed by individuals with formal education [ ]. Schizophr Bull. In the end, it was the Sacraments of the Roman Catholic Church, which I was born into, that made the difference.

I recommend three simple steps to find this balance, and to regain your lost psychic powers:. The person you talk to the most is you.

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You will be your best friend if your words are encouraging and overflowing with joy. When you allow your inner voice to be critical, whining, and full of doom it will be your worst enemy. In the first month you will have to repeat this mantra to yourself many times, but you will soon start to notice changes in yourself.

From Psychic to Psychotic and Beyond: A True Story About My Bipolar Disorder

Others will notice them more. Focus not only on the words that people use, but their non-verbal communication, such as body language. Daily practices such as meditation, mindfulness, yoga, or simple acts of creativity, such as doodling, will be beneficial for this process. Pause for a moment and think of all the things that have brought you the most success and happiness.

I bet most of those were never on your carefully prepared plan and appeared from nowhere. Though we try to control our lives through overthinking, overworking and over-planning, this is mostly just another illusion. We should let things happen and trust the fresh thoughts that rise up from the unconscious to the conscious mind. The result of following this process and these 3 simple steps will be higher performance, more lightbulb moments, a lot more happiness, and a lot less stress.

Further information about these secrets of success are detailed in my latest book, The Psychoic Revolution. He is also a bestselling author and TEDx speaker and counts celebrities and sportsmen as clients.

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Perhaps unsurprisingly, his new book — out now - packs a serious punch, discovers Lucy Bryson. Some people seem to have all the luck. Sceptics, hush. I agree that one might be tempted to dismiss such a theory as baseless ideology, as yet another example of the self-help genre making outlandish claims. Today, our reliance on verbal communication has blinded us to body language and non-verbal cues. The rise of the machine, and in particular our reliance on social media, has and continues to exasperate the problem.

Agony Aunts

As a mind coach, Simpson counts the British professional poker player Chris Moorman, among his celebrity clients. Highly recommended. Female First grabs five minutes with the renowned TEDx speaker, bestselling author and internationally-acclaimed mind coach, Dr Stephen Simpson, to discuss his new book, the reptile mind, and the practical ways we can bring more luck and success into our lives. How did you coin the term? We were born with a beautiful mind. Sadly it did not take long for other people to damage our greatest gift, often with the best of intentions.

The result is that we were soon persuaded to trust our overthinking conscious mind. Therefore we increasingly ignored the hunches and lightbulb moments that previously surfaced when we most needed them from our vastly more powerful unconscious mind. The overarching message of the book is that it is not too late to rekindle our hidden psychic strengths, and diminish the pervasive influence of our psychotic tendencies.

How do you think the lives of individuals - and society as a whole - could be improved by putting into practice the ideas outlined in this book?

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What is your take on this? Do you have any advice on how to determine if someone is psychic or crazy when looking for a spiritual adviser? How do you think mental health professionals should approach clients who have psychic experiences? Since I can hear, see, and even smell things as a result of my connection to the spirit world, I think most people who can do the same are not crazy.

Then again, I could be crazy. Joking aside, I am glad you asked this question. What I can say is that for many years now, I have had the same clients coming over and over because what I hear, see and otherwise perceive is incredibly accurate, or has deep meaning for them. I know that many individuals the world has revered as prophets were also considered crazy by the people around them.

In the Christian Bible, for example, Isaiah was such a great prophet that he was given his own book in the Bible, yet he was branded as insane and ostracized from society. Due to such stigma, for many centuries, the old ways had to be practiced in secret.

The Atlantic Crossword

Even today, anyone who does not follow a modern religion like psychics, pagans, or Wiccans is looked on disparagingly. I think in choosing an adviser, you should first look for someone with a good reputation. Psychic Chat has some very reputable advisers. It is an established site that has been online for a long time now. I think choosing someone here would be wiser than choosing someone named Madame Zora on the Strip while vacationing at the beach. Listen to word of mouth. If someone you know raves about a reading, ask who, what and where.

Psychics help psychiatrists understand the voices of psychosis | YaleNews

Also, use your intuition. Your gut will guide you well if you let it. If it is churning and flipping, you know to run away from the person. If you feel relaxed and things just feel right, trust that feeling.