ilinx in midnight and moonstone

ilinx in midnight and moonstone
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Saltwater Fishing Freshwater Fishing Fly Fishing 1. Not Specified Fish Species see all Fish Species. All Saltwater All Freshwater Tuna 3. Salmon 1. Trout 1. Gear Ratio see all Gear Ratio. Hand Retrieve see all Hand Retrieve. Right or Left-Handed Left-Handed 1. Brand see all Brand. Occupational opportunities in the public sector are practically nonexistent in Europe, unlike the United States. The most obvious advance in academic folklore on the international scene has been through joint projects such as the European Folklore Atlas, the International Folklore Bibliography, and the International Dictionary of Regional European Ethnology and Folklore; through conferences and symposia organized, in most instances, by national and international scholarly societies such as CIAP and SIEF, the International Society for Folk-Narrative Research, or the fledgling International Society for Contemporary Legend Research; or through the summer schools organized by the revitalized Folklore Fellows of Helsinki.

Within SIEF, the Ballad Commission has been particularly successful in arranging annual symposia that have resulted in fruitful personal contact among scholars not only within Europe but also across the Atlantic.

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Therefore, in terms of a wide definition of what folklore is and of what folklorists do, it can be said that the research, teaching, and study of the subject. Anttonen, Pertti J. NIF Newsletter no. Erixon, Sigurd. Ethnologie regionale ou folklore. Laos Nicolaisen, W. Regional Ethnology in European Universities French summary. Volkskunde History and development of folklore programs in North American colleges and universities. The academic study of folklore and folklife has made considerable progress since when Ralph Steele Boggs reported only twentythree U.

Most academic folklorists teach folklore courses in departments other than folklore, typically in English and anthropology departments or in American studies programs. In North American colleges and universities, folklore was first taught by literary scholars as part of literature and philology courses. This literary study of folklore began at Harvard University around when Francis James Child began collecting English and Scottish folk ballads from books, broadsides, and manuscripts.

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Although Child did not develop separate folklore courses or a folklore program, he incorporated folklore in his English courses, created the Folklore Collection in the Harvard College Library, and trained several notable U. Through the efforts of Child and Kittredge, Harvard became the center for the literary study of folklore in North America in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, and it remains a center for the comparative study of oral literature today. Bartlett Jere Whiting and others carried on Childs and Kittredges tradition of library research in folk literature, and in the s, Milman Parry and Albert B.

Lord initiated field research in European oral epics, leading to the development of. The universitys Center for the Study of Oral Literature supports graduate study in allied areas and complements Harvards undergraduate degree program in folklore and mythology, awarded through its Committee on Degrees in Folklore and Mythology. In , Franz Boas was beginning fieldwork among the Eskimos of Baffinland, and by , he was serving on the faculty of Clark University and collecting folklore from Native Americans in British Columbia.

In , Boas began a long career as an anthropology professor at Columbia University, which, through his reputation, became the center for the anthropological study of folklore in North America. Inspired by Boas, several of his studentsincluding Robert H. Lowie, Ruth Benedict, Melville Herskovits, and Melville Jacobsand other anthropologists began to incorporate folklore, especially Native American folklore, into their courses.

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Boas also encouraged scholars such as Marius Barbeau, who collected French-Canadian folklore, to study North American ethnic traditions. After Boas retired, Ruth Benedict and George Herzog combined efforts to keep Columbia a center of folklore activity well into the middle of the twentieth century. The academic study of folklore also is indebted to a group of AmericanistsPerry Miller, F. These Harvard Americanists expanded the study of American literature and culture from an emphasis on formal culture to include folk and popular cultures.

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They also established a place for folklore within interdisciplinary American studies programs, which today rank third after English and anthropology among departments and programs offering folklore courses at U. Although the early literary folklorists stressed the library study of older European folklore and the anthropological folklorists emphasized the field study of tribal traditions, the Americanists promoted the interdisciplinary study of American folk cultures against a background of American cultural history.

Shoemaker was appointed assistant professor of American folklore.

Although the department was called the Department of American Folklore, the program was based on European folklife and Volkskunde models, and four of the six courses offered dealt with Pennsylvania folklore and folklife. Franklin and Marshalls short-lived folklore department first appeared in the catalog for but remained in the catalog only through Although separate courses in folklore were introduced at several universities in the s and s, a degree-granting program in folklore did not exist until when Ralph Steele Boggs founded an interdisciplinary.

Professor Boggs, a specialist in Latin American folklore, also spread the study of folklore to Mexico, where he introduced folklore studies and taught a folklore techniques course at the National University in Through its curriculum in folklore, the University of North Carolina remains one of the leading centers for the study of folklore in North America. Supported by major research collections including the papers of D.

Wilgus, the labor song collection of Archie Green, the Southern Folklife Collection, the John Edwards Memorial Collection, and the American Religious Tunebook Collectionand a large library collection in southern literature and culture, the North Carolina program is especially strong in the study of folksong and southern folklife. The program also emphasizes African-American folklore, ethnographic filmmaking, occupational folklore, public sector folklore, and immigrant folklore. The curriculum in folklore at North Carolina is designed mainly for graduate students, though undergraduates may put together an interdisciplinary degree with an area in folklore.

Trained by Kittredge and inspired by the historic-geographic studies of the Finnish folklorists of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, Stith Thompson, who joined the English faculty at Indiana University in , introduced the first folklore course there in and directed a number of folklore theses and dissertations of graduate students in the English department. Thompson founded the first U. After Thompsons retirement in , his successor, Richard M.

Dorson, expanded the concept of folklore studies at Indiana and elevated an expanded folklore program to departmental status in A graduate of the Harvard program in the history of American civilization, Dorson provided an Americanist orientation for a generation of folklorists trained at Indiana University between and Warren E. Roberts, Thompsons protg in comparative folktale studies and recipient of the first U. The program emphasizes theoretical approaches to folklore and, true to its comparative heritage, continues to cover many of the worlds folk traditions. A program in ethnomusicology within the department and the renowned Archives of Traditional Music strengthen the teaching and research programs.

Nearly 60 percent of all university teachers of folklore who hold doctorates in the subject have been trained at Indiana University. After receiving a Ph. Eventually, Leach developed an interdisciplinary graduate program in folklore at the University of Pennsylvania and trained a number of folklorists, including Kenneth S.

Goldstein, who eventually became chair of the program. At first, studies in ballads and folksongs and in folklore and literary relations were emphasized in the universitys program; however, by the time Leach retired in , the Department of Folklore and Folklife had developed into a broad program covering the entire range of folklore studies.

Influenced by sociolinguistic approaches and the ethnography of communication, the program stresses social scientific approaches to folklore. Presently, around a third of all university teachers of folklore who hold doctorates in the subject received their training at the University of Pennsylvania.

Hustvedt, another student of Kittredge, introduced a graduate course in the traditional ballad.

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In , Wayland D. Hand, a specialist in folk belief and custom, joined the German faculty, and two years later, he introduced a general folklore course. Under Hands direction, an interdepartmental folklore program was established in , offering around two dozen courses in folklore and related areas. The interdisciplinary nature of the UCLA program gives it identity and strength, for students may choose from over seventy-five folklore and allied courses in departments throughout the university.

In Canada, Memorial University of Newfoundland and Universit Laval have folklore programs, one anglophone and the other francophone, and both programs award doctoral degrees in folklore. In , Herbert Halpert, a student of Benedict and Herzog at Columbia and of Thompson at Indiana, joined the Memorial faculty, and through the encouragement and support of place-names scholar E.

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Seary, head of the Department of English, he developed a folklore program within the Department of English. In , Halpert founded the Department of Folklore, which now offers a full range of folklore courses and emphasizes a balanced approach to folklore studies.

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Universit Laval, with folklore studies dating from when Luc Lacourcire was appointed to a chair in folklore, offers courses and undergraduate and graduate degrees in folklore through its programmes darts et traditions populaires in the Dpartement dHistoire. Lavals program emphasizes French folklore in North America.