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Thus then it's apparent that Whoredom was one of the principal Causes that brought the Wrath of God upon the old World. There are only two Remarks more which I have to make on this Story, and shall then proceed to another, viz. His crime is by the Apostle Paul called persecution, and his Posterity we find complained of by the Psalmist in the Their wickedness is also aggravated by this, that as they were Sisters by Nature, they were Sisters in Iniquity, and they had no regard to their own, nor their Father's good Name, nor the scandal which by this lewd practice they gave to the Enemies of true Religion.

The 20th. In the 26th. In the next place they observe that they pray'd for off-spring by their Maids and brought up their Children upon their own knees. Hence also we may observe, That as the Children did every one love their own Mothers best, it must needs occasion Quarrels amongst them. But as to the Mandrakes themselves, St. This is another Instance of a People cut off and destroyed for Uncleanness. The next thing which we find in the Sacred Records relating to our Subject is, That God to Testify his abhorrence of this sin of Uncleanness, gives it as the 7 th.

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A Poor Heathen Poet could say,. Chastity was so strictly enjoyned unto this select people of God, that they were not only forbid to suffer any of their Daughters to be Whores, or any of their Sons to be Whore-Masters, as some think the word which in our Translation Deut It also deserves our observation that the flux of the Natural Seed in Man, the menstrua in Women, and their ordinary purgations after Child-bearing, rendred them unfit for publick worship, and were accounted unclean.

Here the great ones are hung up before the Sun, while Sinners of a lower rank are suffered to rot by a Common Contagion. So that here's a War declared against Midian with as good Authority and for as great and weighty Causes as ever any War was declared under Heav'n. The Execution of which we have an account of in the Kings The objection which some make against this Story, viz.

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Take away Corn and Wine and Lechery will cease. But to return again to Eli 's Sons, their punishment did not terminate in their own Persons, but reach'd their Father, who, as Josephus thinks wept continually after God had revealed to him that both his Sons should be slain in one day, and the Scripture tells us, that he fell backward and broke his Neek upon the receipt of that fatal News. It must needs also pierce him to the heart to hear the Reproaches of the wicked, who no doubt upbraided him with the Ungodly Lives of his Children and the want of Discipline in his Family.

And thus fell Achitophcl as a true Type of Judas. Because he stole the Hearts of all Israel. The Rabbi has also another Remark, which is pertinent enough, viz. Thus did Absalom die, and thus was David punish'd for his Murder and Adultery. It's not unreasonable to conjecture that Absalom 's Beauty and the Authority which he had then usurp'd might make them the more easily consent to his Lewd Embraces, and therefore they are punish'd for their Incontinence by a perpetual deprivation of Man's Society.

Book of Kings, 23d. In his 5th. Content thy self with thine own Wife: Let thy Fountain be blessed, and rejoice with the Wife of thy youth. Let her be as the loving Hind and the pleasant Roe; let her Breasts satisfy thee at all times, and be thou Ravish'd always with her love. Then he concludes with an Expostulation against Whoredom, from the mischiefs which attend it, thus?

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In the 7th. She is loud and stubborn, her feet abide not in her House. Now she is without, now in the Streets, and lieth in wait at every Corner. He goeth after her straightway as an Ox goeth to the Slaughter, or, as a Fool to the Correction of the Stocks, till a Dart strike thro' his Liver, as a Bird hasteth to the Snare and knoweth not that 'tis for his Life.

In the 9th Chap. He had given his heart to know madness and folly as much as any of 'em, and was not asham'd to declare that he found it to be such, and therefore Repented of it. In the third Chapter of his Prophecy he bids them lift up their Eyes unto the high places, and see where they had not been lain with, and charges them with polluting the Land by their Whoredoms and Wickedness. In the 5th. In the 23d. In the 14th. Thus we have another Instance of a Great and Mighty People ruined by Whoredom, and how great their Ruin and Calamity was will speedily appear to any one that reads the Lamentations.

It likewise deserves our observation that the Babylonians, the Instruments in the hands of God for punishing Israel, were brought to ruin themselves, and one of the principal Causes assigned for the same is, That they grew fat as the Heifer at Grass, and bellow'd as Bulls, Jer. Confound Nimrod with Bacchus. We come now to the story of Susanna and the Elders of Israel. That the Law which forbad them to commit Adultery did not only reach the outward practice but the inward motions and thoughts of the heart, and therefore he tells them Matth, 5.

The first we meet with is that in Mat. That of John the Baptist our Saviours fore-runner, and then that of ourSaviour himself; such is the enmity which uncleanness does naturally lead men into against God and Good Men, and to be given up to that enmity is certainly the most dreadful of all punishments. Our Saviour knowing their wicked design, eluded them by stooping and writing upon the Ground. This answer of our Saviours hath been wrested by some, as if he had thereby declared that Adultery was no capital crime under the Gospel, whereas it is plain, that he only declined the part of a Magistrate and Judge; as he did in another Case, when one Brother desired him to speak to another, that he should divide his Fathers Estate with him: Luke The first is in his Antiquities, lib.

That same Author in the 18th Book in his Antiquities and the 12th Chapter, gives us another account of a Tragedy brought upon a great number of his Countrymen, by an unlawful Amour, as follows. The last instance that we meet with in Josephus, for our purpose is that in the 5th Book of his Wars and 9th. Naturae Muliebris Imago, which tho' all that were admitted to them were sworn to conceal, yet the sagacity of the primitive Christians found it out.

We find then in the 15 of the Acts, v. Thus in the 6th. He tells them, That if they live after the Flesh they shall die. We are forbid to walk in Chambering and Wantonness, or to make provision for the flesh to fullfill the Lusts thereof; the Reading of which latter Verse, St. Then in 1 Cor. In the 9th. In the 6th. In the 11 Verse, he tells them such were some of you, but now ye are Sanctified. He says that the body is not for Fornication, but for the Lord, and the Lord for the Body. And in the 15, and In the 18th. So that the Canon which is now numbred amongst those of that Council forbidding the Marriage of the Clergy is with good reason lookt upon as supposititious.

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In the 2d. For which things sake the wrath of God cometh on Children of disobedience. In the 11th. Chapter and 4th. Epistle 1. Verse forbids Christians to fashion themselves according to their former Lusts, and in his 2d Cap.

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Chapter of his 2d. In the 21st. We have already made use of some Instances from Josephus and other Historians, Obiter as they had a Relation to the Scripture passages that we were upon, but come now to make use of them intirely for our Collections, and think it fit to acquaint the Reader that we must look back again in order of time, because 'twas thought best to have the Scripture Instances altogether. That same Author, Book 2d. The next Remarkable instance which we find for our purpose in Justin, is that in his 3d.

Our next Instance is in Justin Lib. The fatal Exit of this Great Man is also Remarkable, viz. Justin in his 7th. Thus this Great Prince who had Conquer'd many Nations and Countries, became a Conquest and Victim to his own Lusts and the Lusts of others, and occasioned likewise the death of his Paramour Cleopatra, Olympias having first murdered her Daughter, and then forc'd Cleopatra to hang her self.

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That same Author in his 5th. The Parents and Husbands permitted their Wives and Daughters to lie with their Guests provided they gave them a Reward. The Babylonians were wholly giv'n up to Wine, Drunkenness, and the Consequences of it.

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That elixir of poignant sound. Among scented bottles and robes Bearing accents of delicate lace, And portraits of decadent rogues Wearing doublets in gilded frames, In a hothouse where wilting boquets Decompose in the atmosphere, And the shadows of candle-flames Are perfumed with the odor of fear,. Brightly Painted Corpses. He laid her back down, pussy still uncovered and soaking wet, as he stood up. Then up with a long dais in the narrow street! Percy scoped around the store with his eyes. Her tits hung beautifully like some sort of Playboy model.

But to return to Alexander the Great. Curtius in his 6th. Curtius in his 8th. Book gives us another Instance of Alexander 's being Conquered by his Lusts, which was thus.

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Curtius gives us an Instance of this in his 10th. In his 24th.