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We can't think of a lovelier way to round off an exciting beach day with family and friends - you could even say that they had a whale of a time!

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There are those who like to swathe themselves in oil and sit in the sun, many who use the time to take in a good book and some who enjoy an more active day, frolicking in the sea or playing a game of bat and ball…. Whatever beach day you choose to have, you'll want to be prepared; so with that in mind, we've put together a guide of what to pack for a day at the beach.

Beach Bag — Get yourself a spacious beach bag, with enough room to house bulky items such as beach games, bathers and bottles - everything you'll need to bring to keep you occupied at the beach for a day.


You don't want to be carrying an arm-full of items, particularly if you've a long walk to the spot you wish to settle in for the day. A waterproof bag is a very practical choice for the beach as your belongings should stay dry. Sun Cream — One of the most important things to take with you for a day in the sun. If you're travelling in a group, make sure there's enough sun cream for all and that you've packed the appropriate factors.

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Even on a day where the weather looks overcast, you're likely to get burnt as beaches tend to be very exposed to the elements. If possible, take a waterproof sunscreen with you.

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Water — It's very important that you keep yourself hydrated whilst enjoying your beach day to avoid sunstroke and other related illnesses; with increased sweating in the sun, we tend to lose a lot of fluids, so make sure you drink moderate amounts of water often to avoid getting thirsty and therefore dehydrated. Towels — Taking one towel per person is ideal, as it can be quite impractical to share; if you intend to use a towel for lounging on — you might want to bring a spare for drying off after a swim.

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Like fatherly on Facebook. Get fresh food news delivered to your inbox Sign up for our newsletter to receive the latest tips, tricks, recipes and more, sent twice a week. Something went wrong. Want to Read saving…. Lastly, a day at the beach does not only promote social interaction with people from a cultural background, however, it equally promotes interaction with other natural creatures like birds and sea creatures. Consider using an SPF lip balm on lips.

A good tip is to pack distinctively patterned towels, as this will help you recognise your camp on the beach. Beach mat — For those travelling in a group of two or more, a beach mat is a practical choice as it saves you from having to dry off on a very sandy towel. Also, if you wish to lounge on the sand following a swim this saves you from having to do so on a damp towel.

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Bamboo beach mats are normally inexpensive and can be rolled-up tightly for added convenience. Swimwear — Even if you don't like swimming in the sea, it's a good idea to bring appropriate swimwear with you; for sun bathing, paddling, and playing in the sand, or even just to ensure your clothes don't get messy! Food — Keep your energy levels up and your blood sugar levels sustained to avoid feeling weak and headachy. Not all beaches are equipped with lots of amenities, so it's always a good idea to pack some snacks. Fruit is a great option or anything else that doesn't require preparation.

If you're taking sandwiches with you, remember that they may go soggy if not placed in a cool bag. Always pack more than you think you'll need, especially with children, as spending a day on the beach can take a lot of energy and you'll want to keep spirits high!

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My Family and I had decided to go to the beach for the day, it was a hot 28 Degree's outside at am in the morning. I packed my day bag with my togs, . Bedtime-Story For the Busy Business-Parent Whimsical Bedtime Stories for Children of All Ages cusilleca.tk A Day At The Beach. It was a .

Sun hat — A must for young children in particular; a sun hat protects delicate skin on the scalp from becoming damaged and burnt — it can also keep you cool. Choose a hat with a wide brim, so the side of your face and neck is protected too.

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Sunglasses — Protect your eyes from UV rays and avoid squinting which can to lead to a headache by packing a pair of UV protection sunglasses. Games - Keep the whole party entertained with some well picked beach entertainment. A bucket and spade is always a winner for kids and if you're on the right kind of beach, perhaps a net too. For older children and adults, a game of bat and ball, cricket or playing with a frisbee is a great way to have fun.